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London To New York Supersonic Business Class Prices – Virgin To Buy Ten Boom Planes

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Virgin has recently let it be known that it has options to buy ten of the newly revealed supersonic Boom aircraft. This plane can fly from London to New York in 3.4 hours, less than half of the regularly scheduled time. It cruises at 1451 miles per hour, which is about 100 miles per hour faster than Concorde.
The plan is to have forty seats on the aircraft. These will sell at Business Class prices for the route at about $5000.00.
Former Amazon executive Blake Scholl, is the leader of Boom who is putting a prototype of the aircraft in an aircraft hangar in Colorado.
Flying in Boom will be unique, not least of all, flying at 60,000 feet, giving passengers an experience of seeing the Earth’s curvature and travelling 2.6 times faster than conventional aircraft.
There are about 500 routes that fit the Boom’s market, including what would be a six-hour journey from Los Angeles to Sydney, and a five hour trip from San Francisco to Tokyo.

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