Low Cost Business Class Airfares

Low Cost Business Class Fares

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Business Class seats and service on airplanes provide the perfect situation between the cramped Coach, or Economy Class and the super expensive First Class,particularly on international flights. Even so, Business Class seats are still mostly a costly option when we have to pay for them out of our own pocket for personal travel. Knowing how to find cheap business class air fares can save a huge amount of money. This is particularly important on long flights such as when when buying cheap business class fares to Europe and cheap business class fares to Asia. There are several approaches to finding cheap business class air tickets.

See What The Airlines Have On Offer Check on line with the airlines to see what specials they have. These special fares, though, are non-refundable, and subject to other restrictions, like limited travel days and minimum stays. Occasionally, you can find a super deal, like business class to Europe for around $2000 but these are very short-lived, are unannounced and are usually over before most people know about it. October is the best month to find these fares but they can happen at any time of the year. Here we monitor this constantly, so check the blogs on LowCostBusinessFares.com for immediate notice of these deeply discounted fares.
Boost Your Frequent Flyer Miles With Credit Cards Sign up for one or more premium credit cards associated with major airlines. Some premium credit cards offer two-for-one specials on airline tickets in business or first class. Look for a credit card associated with your preferred airline or go to your preferred credit card company and sign up for a premium card associated with an airline. Citibank and Aadvantage have some really good specials at present giving 50,000 bonus miles after spending $3000 in three months. Sign up for a personal credit card and a business card and after the qualifying purchases you will have enough points for a round trip business class ticket to Europe.
The Secretive Y-Up, K-Up and Q-Up Fares Search for a Y-Up fare (also known as a K-Up or Q-Up fare depending on the airline) if you are travelling within the US. A Y-Up is surprisingly unknown even in the travel industry. They are priced like a coach ticket but place you in Business Class or First Class. Y-Up fares can be particularly successful when traveling at the last minute as they can be cheaper than the coach full fare. However, their cost is comparable to a full fare coach seat and therefor when you read in some places that they are Business or First Class for the price of coach, it is a full priced coach fare.
How About A Free Upgrade?
Try to upgrade your economy fare ticket Business Class (or First Class). When you check in at the airport ask the agent if it is possible to get an upgrade to Business or First Class. Sometimes they will have to upgrade someone and your suggestion may just come off. To help your cause, always be polite and friendly and certainly don't act upset if your request is declined. I once got upgraded to First Class on an international flight to Europe because I pointed out that it was my birthday and would really appreciate the upgrade.
Check Out Flights With Lesser Known Airlines Airlines like Norwegian Air, Berlin Air and Icelandic Air will nearly always have lower air fares in Business Class than the better known Airlines. However, be prepared for extra stops to go their country of origin first and then connect on to your destination. Also, these lesser known, cheaper airlines are often cheaper for a reason, and the cost savings can come at a cost of lesser service and comfort. Check out other travelers' reviews on line first to make sure that the savings are worth it. If you have had some success with obtaining low cost business class airfares, then please leave your comments below.

6 thoughts on “Low Cost Business Class Fares

  1. Tony Watson


    We have booked flights previously with Mamtha but unable to obtain a reply to our emails

    We require two business class return fares to Auckland – London some time in June opreferably early and retur Late October / November

    1. Gary Post author

      I suggest Malaysia Airlines, for example, June 8 to November 3, 2016,  Auckland to London for $4481 (USD), business class.  Or Virgin/Air New Zealand at $4870. Both itineraries are one stop.

      Air New Zealand all the way, one stop in LA is $8119.

      You can refine your search and book at Priceline entered through  http://lowcostbusinessfares.com


  2. Kathy


    In the future, we will be going to Eucuador.  Any suggestions for that trip?  I heard it is much cheaper if you go to the Galapagos Islands.  Great site, very informative!

    1. Gary Post author

      Hi Kathy,

      Airline flight prices these days depend very much on when you book and when you are travelling. If you let me know where your journey will begin and where in Ecuador you are going, plus travel dates, I can let you know the best routing (and price).

      I hope that this helps.


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