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Check Out Your Business Class Seat Before You BuySkytrax

Before purchasing your seat, check out the reviews of the airlines Business Class on Skytrax, at http://flatseats.com/. Here you can see what other passengers who have flown in Business Class on various flights and destinations have to say about the seat, comfort and service. This is particularly important on long flights such as when when buying cheap business class seats to Europe and cheap business class seats to Asia.


Check Out the Seating Configuration On the PlaneAirbus_A300B4-622R_seat_configuration_chart.svg

Also, go to Seat Guru, at seatguru.com, and check out the seating configuration. This will tell you a lot about the potential comfort of the flight and will help you chose your seat when you book.


Travel Insurance  

Buying travel Insurance is something that you may not think of (or that you need) until something goes wrong and it is too late. A little forethought and action on your part can greatly ease the pain if something does go wrong with your travel plans.

You have many options when you buy medical insurance. You can buy coverage for medical (sickness, injury or death), evacuation back home, baggage loss, trip cancellation, employment termination, hijack, quarantine, jury duty, natural disaster, military personnel called away, passport theft, terrorism and more. You make your choice and you pay the premium.

Travel Insurance is very competitive and there are numerous reputable companies out there.

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  1. Jeff


    Good tip to check out the reviews of the airlines Business Class on Skytrax. I have bookmarked this information. Have a good fly. Jeff

    1. Gary Post author

      Thanks for the comment Jeff. I always keep up to date on other peoples experience on the ever changing Business Class experience on the airlines. Gary

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